Wang Xiang Zhai

Founder of Yiquan (Dachengquan), was born in Weijialin village, Shen County, Heibei Province, China in 1885. Wang Xiang zhai started learning Xingyiquan from the renowned Master Guo Yunshen and became the last disciple of Master Guo.

1913, the Army employed Wang Xiang zhai as Instructor of the Wuji Institute.

1918, the Wuji Institute was closed due to political unrest. Wang took that opportunity to travel to Southern China. During the long journey Wang paid visits to a lot of martial artists from different schools, and greatly benefited from the journey.

1925, because of political unrest again, Wang returned to Northern China. He stayed in Beijing and Tianjin alternatively during that time.

1926, Wang fused the martial art Xingyiquan, with the valuable experience that he gained from his journey to the south and promulgated a new way of doing martial art called Yiquan. This new way emphasized proper use of mind and instinct, instead of form and technics.

1928, Wang went to Hangzhou to be the referee of the Third National Sports Martial Arts Tournament. After that, Wang traveled to Shanghai to meet Qian Yantang who also was a student of Master Guo . Wang stayed in Shanghai since then and established the Yiquan Association to teach his art at Niuzhuang Road. Martial arts experts like Zhang Changxin, You Pengxi, Gao Zhendong, Zhao Daoxin, Han Xing qiao, Han Xing yuan, Zhang Entong, Bu Enfu, Ma Chengxin, Qiu Zhihe, came to learn from him.

1937, Wang constantly stayed in Beijing and taught Yiquan in the ‘Siquan Society’. At that time, he summoned Han Xing qiao to Beijing as instructor.

1938, because of influx of students, Wang further summoned Han Xing yuan to Beijing to assist in the teaching work.

1939, Wang made an article in two Beijing newspapers, the ‘Truth Daily’ and the ‘New Citizen Daily’ that he welcomed all martial artists, and would like to ‘make friends through martial art’. Wang also accepted interviews from reporters and explained the essence of Yiquan and martial art.

1958, Beijing Chinese Medicine Research Institute invited Wang to use Zhanzhuang (Pile Standing) as the primary therapeutic method to heal different chronic illnesses.

In 1961, the Head of Heibei Health Department, heard about Wang Xiangzhai, and He employed Wang to teach Yangshengzhuang (Pile Standing for Health) in Baoding Chinese Medicine Hospital.

On 12th July 1963, Wang Xiang zhai passed away in Tianjin. A great man has left us, but his art of Yiquan will lives on as a treasure for mankind.