Information about Ole Eskilden

Ole Eskildsen

Kyokushinkai, Gensei-ryu, Taido, Wing Chun Kuen, Taekwondo, these systems started my interest in martial arts. My career in what most people refer to as internal martial arts started in 1982, with Yang style Tai Ji Quan and Zhan Zhuang from the Ichuan system. Here I discovered that there was another way of training. I found a new training method, which opened my eyes for new qualities which slowly but surely changed my perception of martial arts. In 1984, I started to teach Yang style Tai ji quan and Zhan Zhuang from the Ichuan in Denmark.

In 1990, I started to teach the complete Ichuan system in Denmark.

Over the years, I have met many persons and masters who contributed to a widening of my insights in many ways. I am deeply grateful to them. Without them, I wouldn’t have become who I am today.

Out of the many people who have been of great importance for my development, I especially want to thank, in random order: Professor Yu Yong Nien, Mr. Chu King Hung, Mr. Gou Gui Zhi, Mr. Lam Kam Chuen, Mr. Sam Tam, Miss Yuk and venerable L.P. Santi. In more than 30 years of training, I have gained a lot of experience, which has become the foundation for my training and teaching style. The Ichuan Standing Meditation School (I.S.M.S) is the result of this continuous growth. The principles of the School are solely based on my interpretation of Ichuan and Tai Ji Quan. Wang Xiangzhai spent his entire life developing Ichuan, and I think it was his wish that Ichuan should be passed on continuously, so that it would prevail in the future. Being part of this process, for which I have the greatest respect, is both an honor and a constant inspiration.

It is my dearest hope that all of mankind may see their deepest wishes and desires fulfilled. That their lives may lead to insight and understanding. That their lives may appear as meaningful, as something that has made a difference, in the great book of the universe.

Peace and self contemplation, are the roads to insight.

The greatest thanks should go to my family for their huge support and encouragement. Without them, what I have accomplished would not have been possible. They have been and still are an indispensable help in my life - thanks is just an insufficient word.

Ole Eskildsen.